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High-End Champagne

Each champagne that we offer is curated by the High-End Tasting crew. We discover our champagnes during our wine tours in the Champagne region. Mostly we buy them from small and mid-size businesses. This focus gives a number of advantages:

1. They often don’t sell their champagnes abroad, so they are hard to get your hands on.

2. More often you meet with independent winemakers that exclusively create their champagnes with the grapes of their vineyard. So, they control the entire building process, unlike larger champagne houses which buy most of their grapes from winegrowers.

3. With that we counter the growth of just a few big companies, by which we might run the risk of losing the identity of many regions. We don’t want to many similar taste right?

4. The price range is smaller for tasting interesting champagne with the smaller champagne house, which lowers the threshold to try them as wel.

And based on our experience in the field, we know that the label does not make quality champagne, so you only risk a good surprise when you think outside the box.

our latest champagne

Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs – Voirin Jumel

This Champagne was aged for five years and became a perfect example of crispy mineral blanc de blancs with the fruity taste of fresh green apples. Ideal as an aperitif, with light fish dishes or for festive occasions.

VARIETAL  100% Chardonnay
VOLUME 750 ml
SPECIALTY long maturation ‘sur lies’

During our trip to Champagne, we visited the lovely grand cru village of Cramant famous for the Blanc de Blancs. There we discovered this wonderful Champagne house run by two ambitious well educated ladies of the Voirin Jumel family.


Let us supply your business or event

Each champagne we select has a story. Most of them we discover during our wine tours. We're visiting wine events, vineyards, farms, champagne houses, bars, and stores. Mostly small and mid-size businesses do not sell their wines abroad. But their product is so good, that we keep coming back. With our in-depth knowledge en skills, we would love to supply your events with surprisingly good champagne.

our latest champagne box

Rosé – Easy-going

A delicious box with six bottles of Rosé champagne curated by the High-End Tasting team. Within the ‘easy-going’ category the primary Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Meunier aromas are dominant. This results in aromas such as red fruits, green apples, citrus fruits, and floral rose notes. A monthly subscription is possible for this box and can be indicated during checkout.

Our strength lies in:

  • Unique selection of champagnes tasted by experts with in-depth knowledge and skills.
  • Finding very local, sometimes difficult to obtain, undiscovered champagnes of superior quality.
  • Learning and buying from small and mid champagne producers.
  • If you're looking for something aromatic, elegant, and low in calories, our champagnes are the perfect companion for a high-quality time!

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